Carina Hinsche

Carina Hinsche aka RodeoCowgirl

I come from the Westerwald and now own 8 horses and a dog. I belong to the category of western leisure, ground work, free work, circensics and am also a passionate speed rodeo rider. I work as a veterinary assistant, train young horses and give courses in trail, free work and speed rodeo.

I started speed rodeo in 2011 and was able to immediately secure the title of German pole bending champion. In 2019 I took part in the Mustang Makeover as a trainer for the first time and my first wild horse, Pole Dancer, arrived. We won the challenge in Aachen.

In 2023 I took part again, this time with my Mustang mare Hailey, and a second victory followed. Once again I came first in the Trainer Challenge. Mustangs have become a passion for me.

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