Michael Jahncke

Michael Jahncke Performance Horses

"A good trainer must use his skills and be able to adapt to the horse and not the other way around."

Michael Jahncke lives and trains in Freystadt in Upper Palatinate on the Köhl family's facility (Horse Area). Working and riding horses was literally put into his cradle, he has grown up with horses since he was a child - he already sat on the horse before he could walk.
It all started in his parents' private stable, where Michael learned to be a good horseman. This was followed by courses and advanced training with a focus on reining, e.g. at Torsten Gärtner & Charly Lemaire, as well as one year of work as a non-pro at Charly in order to work in the company and acquire knowledge for your own program.
Here Michael also learned to think outside the box and looked over the shoulder of riders in the classic way in order to be able to acquire valuable tips.

Michael has been a freelance trainer since September 2021 with a focus on reining, teaching, young horse training, problem horses and the training of show horses.

Every horse receives its own individual training that is precisely tailored to its personality and level of performance.
Michael would like to motivate his horses to cooperate in order to be able to access and promote their full potential.