• Close contact detail
  • excellent damping properties

  • 100% Merino wool
  • Shock-absorbing & pressure-balancing
  • Pads with a fluffy bottom
  • Shock-absorbing & pressure-balancing
  • Close contact
  • High shoulder freedom
  • ideal for shorter western horses
  • 100% Merino wool
  • Showlankets
  • Ranch blankets
  • Exclusive Designs
  • Höchste Qualität
  • Außergewöhnliche Designs für alle Ranch Klassen
  • AlpenPad Sattelgurte aus Leder/Filz und Lammfell

Your online shop for high-quality western pads & saddle pads for western horses

Discover the advantages of a western pad from AlpenPad for your western saddle!
A western pad is a special saddle pad that was developed specifically for western saddles. It serves an important function by being placed between the saddle and the horse's back to distribute pressure, provide shock absorption and improve your horse's comfort.
The main task of a western pad is to absorb shock and distribute pressure evenly. Compared to traditional saddle pads, it is often wider and longer to cover the larger area of ​​the western saddle.
Our online shop offers a diverse selection of western pads in different designs and thicknesses to meet the individual needs of your horse and your riding style. Using a high-quality western pad is crucial to keeping your saddle stable on the horse's back, minimizing pressure and avoiding unpleasant chafing or pressure points.
In addition to improving comfort for your horse, the western pad also helps extend the life of your saddle by protecting it from wear and tear.
It is important to emphasize that a western pad is not intended to compensate for a poorly fitting or unsuitable saddle. Correctly fitting the saddle should always be a top priority to ensure your horse's well-being. The western pad simply complements the saddle to provide additional comfort and protection.
Choose the perfect western pad now from our extensive range. Order conveniently online and benefit from our fast delivery directly to your home.
Improve the riding experience for you and your horse with high-quality western pads from our online shop! Quality, comfort and design – that’s what our AlpenPad brand stands for.