AlpenPad Pro Line – High Quality Performance Westernpad – Black / brown leather

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Color: Black

Material: Filzpad mit braunem Leder

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AlpenPad Pro Line - the pad made of 100% Merino wool combines the highest quality with an exceptional, modern and functional design. Thanks to the cut, the rider's leg is particularly close to the horse's body, and aid can be given quickly and precisely.

The 100% New Zealand wool offers excellent cushioning properties and distributes the saddle and rider weight optimally and evenly. The material absorbs sweat and releases it evenly. The horse sweats significantly less in the saddle position.
  • Length: approx. 79 cm
  • Thickness: 2.2cm
  • 100% wool felt pad made from New Zealand wool
  • High-quality leather trim made from 100% leather (dark brown)
  • anatomical cut, adapts to the horse's back
  • Modern design
  • Keeps your saddle in the optimal position - even when climbing and doing strong maneuvers!
  • Color: Black with brown harness leather

    Why should I buy an AlpenPad from Horse&Art Bodensee?

    Our pads are constantly being developed with a lot of specialist knowledge in order to optimally respond to the needs of horse and rider. Our products are constantly being developed and improved. Your pad is in stock and can be shipped to you immediately.