Medical shampoo for sensitive & damaged skin

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Medical care shampoo by Carr & Day & Martin.

  • For dry, flaky, scabbed and sensitive horse skin
  • With pH-neutral formula
  • With antibacterial properties and natural oils
  • Soften crusts and flakes and gently remove them
  • The shampoo soothes irritated, damaged, sore and sensitive skin
  • The care effect makes the hair significantly softer and leaves a shiny coat
  • 500 ml


Routine use: Apply the shampoo undiluted to the wet coat or put 5-10 splashes of shampoo into a bucket of water. Massage gently with a sponge, brush or hand. Rinse thoroughly.

For skin problems: Let the shampoo work for about 5 minutes to guarantee antibacterial cleaning. Rinse thoroughly (paying particular attention to the affected skin areas).