FC Bayern

We are very happy to have been working with VFD Bayern since November 2022. The large community of solidarity has around 7,000 members in Bavaria. Members benefit from a permanent 15% discount in our shop.

Who is the VFD Bayern actually?
The VFD Landesverband Bayern eV - the strong professional association for off-road and hiking riders and drivers

The VFD, Association of Free-Time Riders and Drivers in Germany, Landesverband Bayern eV, is an association of like-minded people who enjoy riding and driving off-road.

Nature-friendly recreational riding/off-road driving , as propagated and taught by the VFD, has now been recognized as a nature sport and anchored in law thanks to the use of the VFD.

Other activities of the VFD are closely linked to the rider's desire for freedom of movement. With a solid education, the VFD ensures that recreational riders and drivers behave correctly, ride/drive horses gently and pay attention to a species-appropriate attitude. The VFD is open to all horse breeds and all riding styles.

We promote trail riding, off-road driving and training. The training begins with the basics of horsemanship and continues with the focus on riding/driving in the field, from the cross-country rider/driver to the respected VFD riding guide. There are also the following divisions: mounted archery, riding companion dogs and hemming.

More information at www.vfd-bayern.de